Kennels, accommodation and pricing

We have 3 kennel blocks comprising 6, 5 and 3 individual kennels.

Four of the kennels are giant sized and the remaining 10 are very large. None of the blocks face each other which allows for a relaxed and quiet atmosphere for each of our guests. All of our kennels can accommodate large breeds or a number of family pets quite comfortably.

Each kennel has a fully tiled, draught-free individually heated indoor bedroom area and a covered outside play area. Throughout the day there is open access via a hatch system from the bedroom area to the play area.

Hygienic beds and freshly laundered fleece vet bedding are provided. Each of the 3 separate kennel blocks have their own large and secure grassed exercise area for your dog(s) to enjoy running around off lead and playing games.

Our boarding fees are all inclusive:

ONE dog: £15.00, TWO dogs sharing: £22.00

The charge is for the number of nights your pet stays. Therefore, no charge is made for the day of collection provided that your pet is collected BEFORE 12 noon.

A charge of a half-night’s fee will be payable if you collect your dog in the afternoon, or additionally if you drop your dog off during the morning.


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